Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Coupon Codes for 2010

Sometimes the research that I report on this site is simply about saving you some money.

As we head into 2010, here are some coupon codes to save you money on some marathons and 1/2 marathons in the new year.

Having run the 2009 San Antonio Rock ‘n' Roll Marathon, I now keep getting coupon codes for discounts on future Rock ‘n' Roll events.

I am not affiliated with the Rock ‘n' Roll folks in any way, but I figured that you might want to have a discount code when you are registering for one of the Rock ‘n' Roll marathons or 1/2 marathons in 2010.

Here are the discount coupon codes that I have seen to date for Rock ‘n' Roll events in 2010. Discount, optionally its expiration date, and optionally its applicability are in parentheses.

  • 01/17: Arizona: AZSURVEY09 ($10); SASURVEY09 ($10)
  • 02/28: New Orleans: SASURVEY09 ($10); MGMB ($10); MAMBO ($10; 02/01/2010)
  • 03/14: Dallas: SASURVEY09 ($10); DALCOURSE ($10; 02/05/2010)
  • 04/24: Nashville: SASURVEY09 ($10); CMMFULL ($15; 04/18/2010; full); CMMHALF ($10; 04/18/2010; half)
  • 06/06: San Diego: SASURVEY09 ($10)
  • 06/26: Seattle: SASURVEY09 ($10)
  • 08/01: Chicago: SASURVEY09 ($10)
  • 09/05: Virginia Beach: SASURVEY09 ($10)
  • 09/19: Philadelphia: SASURVEY09 ($10)
  • 10/03: San Jose: SASURVEY09 ($10)
  • 10/17: Denver: SASURVEY09 ($10)
  • 10/24: Los Angeles: AZSURVEY10 ($10)
  • 11/14: San Antonio: SASURVEY09 ($10); RUNHEART ($10; 01/15/2010); TIME2TRAIN ($10; 07/13/2010); AZ2SA or ALUMNI09 ($10; 08/31/2010); VIPSA ($10; 10/25/2010)
  • 12/05: Las Vegas: OWNTHESTRIP ($10); LV2AZ ($10)

Have you seen any other codes? Please put them in a comment here. Thanks!

Happy New Year!

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59 thoughts on Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Coupon Codes for 2010

  1. i just used the seattle coupon to register for my first marathon. thank you! it was an incentive to register and covered the online reg fee.

  2. Kirk Mahoney, Ph.D.

    You are welcome, KF. Thank you for the comment. I am glad that this post helped you. Have a great time at your marathon!

  3. Kirk Mahoney, Ph.D.

    JJ, try "SASURVEY09". I got this one by participating in the 2009 San Antonio Marathon. The organizers did not give us an expiration date for it, so I assume that it is good until registration ends the 2010 San Antonio Marathon — as an enticement to get us to return this year. If you try it and it is no longer valid, then please post a follow-up comment here. Thanks!

  4. Kirk Mahoney, Ph.D.

    JJ, also try "MAY2010" — good for $10 off the 2010 San Antonio Marathon or 1/2 Marathon. The coupon expires at 11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time on May 31, 2010.

  5. After a couple of hours of searching there is a discount code for Rock and Roll LA. AZSURVEY10. Just wanted to share with anyone who still needs a code.

  6. Kirk Mahoney, Ph.D.

    Thank you, Phung, for taking the time to return here so that you could share this $10-off discount code for the Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon with fellow readers. I am very grateful to kind readers like you! And I have updated this blog post accordingly.

  7. San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll Marathon:

    Save $13 if you register on the 13th of any month before the race and enter the code "LUCKY13"

  8. OWNTHESTRIP worked on 7/23/10 for the Las Vegas Rock’N’Roll Half for $10 off! Coupon code HOLIDAY expired. Happy Running!

  9. Thanks man… really appreciate it. This is my first year running and since I now have running fever… the coupons might actually help…

  10. LV2AZ is the code to save 10bucks for the Las Vegas RNR.

    Also ROLLBACK saves you 25$ but expired today or tomorrow for San diego RNR.

    Happy Running everyone!

  11. Better late than never!!! The SASURVEY09 for the San Antonio Rock and Roll is still working. Just used it today…Nov. 2,2010.

    Thanks for your tip.

  12. Hi. This is a great idea. Thanks for the information sharing. It is the wave of the future. Do you have any coupon codes for San Jose R&R 2011? If so, thank you in advance. Happy Running! M

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t have any coupon codes for San Jose R&R 2011. But try these candidates and then let everyone here know what worked! — SASURVEY10, AZSURVEY10, SJSURVEY10, AZSURVEY11 … (You get the idea.) If anyone else knows a coupon code that will work for San Jose, then please post it in a comment here. Thanks!


    1. Thanks for the update, doggie. Yeah, I got the impression that the code was specifically for San Antonio. If anyone has a code for 2011 San Jose, then please share it here. Thanks!

  14. Hi All – Just googled around and found last minute (11pm PST) that code: “cara” works for the SJ RnR (supposed to be for the Chicago half. You knock off another $10 making your grand total $23 discount!

  15. Does anyone a code for the San Antonio Rock & Roll marathon for 2012? I’ve tried all the codes that have been listed here and none worked, im going to try the LUCKY13 next month on 12/13/11. Any help will be appreciated, this will be my first full marathon.

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