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Happiness and Favorites

4 the ParkHappiness and favorites go together like bread and butter, like Tom and Jerry, or like strawberries and cream (if you’re at Wimbledon).

But, what is that advice that parents often give children?

“Don’t play favorites!”

You hear them give this advice when their children are going to be picking teams for softball or some other sport.
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Happiness and Predictability

Injury-Avoidance Habits for First-Time Marathoners and Half-MarathonersHappiness and predictability go together.

It feels odd to write that, given my belief that having low or no expectations and then being pleasantly surprised when things go well is a key to happiness.

But, beyond the joy of pleasant surprises, I believe that we need predictability, too, for happiness, especially for our happiness as runners and walkers.

Let me approach predictability from two angles to make my case.

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