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Happiness and the Mob

Runner“Happiness and the Mob” may sound like a movie title.

But, I chose it as the title of this article to catch your attention so that I can share some thoughts about your happiness as an endurance runner or walker that, as far as I recall, I’ve never shared.

When “mob” caught your eyes, what was your first thought?

The word “crowd” is sometimes interchanged with the word mob, and I want to talk about how it can be a positive or a negative for your happiness.

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photo by: garryknight

Stop Pleasing All Marathoners

spamStop Pleasing All Marathoners (SPAM) — besides being good advice for greater happiness as an endurance runner or walker — is the new system that I had put in place to begin using today, April 1, 2014, to email everyone who visits this site.

Yes, that’s right.

Now that you are looking at this website, this new SPAM system should have connected to hundreds of back-end systems to look up your favorite email address and record it so that I can email you at any time about any topic.

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photo by: JeepersMedia