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Pursuing Negative-Split Marathons Can Make You Unhappy

StopwatchPursuing negative-split marathons can make you unhappy, and I want you to be happier with your running or walking.

The concept of a negative split comes from the track world, where a “split” refers to the time required to complete a segment of an entire race or workout — for example, to complete a 400-meter lap of a 1,600-meter race. A negative split means that a subsequent segment is shorter than (faster than) a previous segment. For example, an 800-meter runner who ran the first 400 meters in 59 seconds and ran the second 400 meters in 58 seconds has run a negative-split race.

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Happy Groundhog Day! Will My Next Book Appear Soon?

Groundhog DayHappy Groundhog Day!

Will my next book appear soon?

You can help to make it so, by beta-reading an advance copy.

Thanks to those who voted in a quick poll, I have the cover graphic selected. (Thank you!)

Thanks to my editor, I have typos corrected and a major overhaul of the structure underway.

I’m now writing the second draft of this book for marathoners and other endurance runners and walkers.

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